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Assigning a task cancels any reminders that you have set for yourself.
5 Click OK in the message box to send the task request.
6 Ask the task request recipient to accept the task. Outlook notifies you when the
assignee accepts or declines the task.
CLEAN UP Retain the assigned SBS Send Dinner Invitations task for use in later
Displaying different views of tasks
Outlook 2013 makes it simple to keep your task list at your fingertips. You can view tasks in
several different locations, including the following:
In the Tasks module, you can display the To-Do List folder, which includes both tasks
and lagged messages, or the Tasks folder, which includes only tasks. Outlook provides
many options for viewing and arranging the contents of each folder.
TIP The Tasks folder is the default folder in which Outlook stores task items. You can
create additional folders to contain task items if you want to. The To-Do List folder
is a virtual folder (like a Search Folder) that displays the contents of your Tasks folder
plus any items you lag for follow-up. The To-Do List folder doesn’t contain unique
copies of the task items.
In any module, you can display the Tasks peek on the To-Do Bar. The Tasks peek
displays a task list in which tasks are grouped and sorted by due date. (You can also
sort this list by category, start date, folder, type, or importance, or you can create a
custom arrangement.) You can scroll through the list to display all your tasks or
collapse the groups you don’t want to view. To increase the space available for your task
list, you can close or reduce the height of other To-Do Bar elements.
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