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The default view for the Tasks folder is Simple List view. This view displays the subject, due
date, categories, and lags for each folder item and a check box that you can select to
indicate that an item has been completed.
From the Arrangements gallery in the Arrangement group on the View tab, you can arrange
items within the selected view by Assignment, Categories, Due Date, Folder, Importance,
Modified Date, Start Date, or Type. Alternatively, you can manually reorder the tasks in any
list view by clicking the heading of the field you want to sort on. You can add and remove
fields from the list view by using the Field Chooser, in the same way that you would from
the list view of contact records.
SEE ALSO For information about organizing tasks in custom folders, see the sidebar “Find-
ing and organizing tasks” later in this chapter. For information about adding and removing
fields in a list view, see “Displaying different views of contact records” in Chapter 4, “Store
and access contact information.”
Completed tasks remain in the Tasks folder until you delete them, so they are available
there if you want to view them.
In this exercise, you’ll look at different views of tasks and lagged messages within the Tasks
SET UP This exercise uses the SBS Order Brochures, SBS Make Dinner Reservations, and
SBS Send Dinner Invitations tasks, and the SBS First Draft and SBS Tradeshow Schedule
lagged messages you created and assigned earlier in this chapter. If you didn’t
create those tasks and messages, you can do so now, or you can substitute any tasks and
lagged messages in your task list. Display the To-Do List folder in the Tasks module, and
then follow the steps.
Notice that in the lower-left corner of the window, the words Filter Applied appear
at the left end of the status bar to indicate that the To-Do List folder is displaying a
filtered view of the available items (in this case, only active items).
The default view of the To-Do List folder displays only active items.
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