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The following table describes other features that have been discontinued or modified in
Outlook 2013.
Feature Description
Data files Outlook 2013 does not support the creation of Outlook
97-2002 Data Files (.pst files). If you upgrade to Outlook
2013, existing .pst files are available from the Folder Pane.
New Exchange Server account items are delivered to an
ofline Outlook Data File (.ost file). Cached Exchange Mode
is on by default.
Importing and exporting Options for importing Internet email account settings,
messages, and addresses are discontinued. Options for
exporting Outlook data as tab-separated values and
directly to Microsoft Access and Excel are no longer
Dial-up networking support Outlook 2013 uses the network connections configured
in Windows; it is not necessary to separately configure a
dial-up connection in Outlook.
Exchange Server classic ofline mode This feature is discontinued. Exchange Server accounts can
be used online or in Cached Exchange Mode.
Exchange Server Download Headers
And Then Full Items mode
This feature has been discontinued. After you upgrade
to Outlook 2013, if you had this option selected, it is
automatically changed to Download Full Items
Connecting to email accounts
By using Outlook 2013, you can easily manage one or more email accounts and the
information (such as calendar items and contact records) associated with those accounts. You
can configure Outlook to connect to many different types of business and personal email
accounts. If your organization uses Exchange Server, you can use Outlook to work with all
the features of your Exchange account, including email, calendaring, contact tracking, task
tracking, and notes. If your organization also uses Lync Server features, you can initiate audio
and video calls, instant messaging sessions, online meetings, and more from Outlook 2013.
Although you don’t have to connect to an email account to use Outlook, it is customary to
do so. After you configure Outlook to connect to an account, you can easily manage the
information stored with that account by using the Outlook features specifically designed for
each type of information.
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