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Finding and organizing tasks
You can use the Outlook Search feature to quickly locate tasks by searching for specific
text or for item properties. To search for text, enter the word or other information
you want to find in the Search box at the top of the module content area, in any folder
or view. To search for properties, click in the Search box and then specify the
properties by using the commands on the Search tool tab that appears. Outlook filters the
folder items as you enter the criteria, displaying only those containing the search
criteria you enter, and highlighting matching content in the results.
You can modify your search by using the tools on the Search tool tab.
TIP To help you organize and locate tasks, you can assign color categories to them.
For information about using color categories, see “Organizing items by using color
categories” and “Quickly locating messages” in Chapter 7, “Organize your Inbox.”
If your task list gets too big, or if you want to maintain separate task lists for different
purposes, you can organize tasks into separate folders. To create a task folder:
On the Folder tab, in the New group, click the New Folder button.
In the Create New Folder dialog box, enter the name and select the location
of the folder.
In the Folder Contains list, click Task Items , and then click OK .
TIP If you drag a task into a Mail, Calendar, Contact, or Note Items folder, a message,
meeting, contact, or note window opens with the task’s subject entered in the Subject
field and details of the task in the message body or notes pane.
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