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You can create tasks for yourself and assign tasks to other people.
Outlook displays tasks in the Tasks module, in the Daily Task List in the Calendar
module, and on the To-Do Bar, which is available from any Outlook module.
You can organize tasks by grouping them in additional task folders or by assigning
color categories to them.
When you assign tasks, Outlook sends a task request to the designated person, who
can accept or decline the task. If you keep a copy of the assigned task, it is updated
when the person you assigned the task to updates the original.
You can update tasks assigned to you and send status reports to the person who
assigned the task.
A task can have a status of Not Started, Deferred, Waiting, Complete, or the percentage
of the task that has been completed.
You can create one-time or recurring tasks. Outlook creates a new occurrence of a
recurring task every time you complete the current occurrence.
You can set a reminder to display a message at a designated time before a task is due.
When you complete a task, you can mark it as complete, remove it from your task list,
or delete it.
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