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In the Filter Email list, click Unread to activate the search feature and apply the
specified filter. (If you have no unread messages in your Inbox, it appears to be
empty.) Notice that the selected arrangement, by subject, is still in effect.
The Search box and Search tool tab indicate the applied filter.
TIP The quickest way to display only unread messages is to click Unread at the top
of the message list. This convenient filter is new in Outlook 2013. When you use this
method to filter a folder, the word Unread is blue and the word All is black. If you are
unable to locate a message that you’ve read, ensure that All is selected at the top of
the message list.
On the Search tab, in the Close group, click the Close Search button to remove the
filter and return to the previous arrangement.
Experiment with the available arrangement, sorting, and grouping options.
On the View tab, in the Current View group, click the Reset View button, and then
click Yes in the Microsoft Outlook dialog box to return the message list to its original
arrangement: grouped by date.
CLEAN UP Arrange your Inbox content in the way that works best for you. Retain the
default view settings before continuing, if you want them to match those shown in the
rest of this topic.
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