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Before you can use Outlook to manage an email account, you need to configure the
program to connect to the account. When you first start the program, the Microsoft Outlook
Account Setup wizard guides you through an automated process. This process is a
significant improvement over the manual account setup process of Outlook 2003 and earlier
versions of Outlook, which required you to provide much more information. For many accounts,
you need to supply only three pieces of information—your name, your email address, and
your email account password—and the Account Setup wizard will handle the rest of the
connection process for you. If the Account Setup wizard isn’t able to configure Outlook to
connect to your account, you can provide additional information to complete the process
Configuring Outlook creates an Outlook Data File for each email account and an Outlook
profile, which stores information about you and your email accounts. You can work with
your profile from within Outlook or from the Mail control panel in Windows. Your profile
includes information about your email account such as the user name, display name, server
name, password, and where Outlook stores your data. You can connect to more than one
email account per profile, to manage all your email communications through Outlook. If
you want to, you can create multiple profiles that link to different email accounts or to
different sets of email accounts, but it is no longer necessary to create multiple profiles to
manage multiple accounts.
You can add multiple email accounts of any type to your Outlook profile, either during
setup or at any time thereafter.
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