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Outlook uses color categories, which combine named categories with color bars to provide
an immediate visual cue when you view messages in your Inbox, appointments on your
calendar, and other information. Depending on the view of the Outlook items, the category
might be indicated by a simple colored block or a large colored bar.
Category bars include the category name.
TIP You can locate, sort, and filter Outlook items by category. For information, see “Quickly
locating messages” later in this chapter.
Outlook 2013 comes with six preconigured color categories that are associated only with
the color names. You can rename these six categories and create new categories. Each
category can have the following elements:
Name The category name can be one simple word or a long, descriptive phrase. The
first 32 characters of the category name are visible in the Color Categories dialog box,
but pointing to a truncated name displays the entire name in a ScreenTip.
Shortcut key You can assign any of the 11 available keyboard shortcut combinations
(Ctrl+F2 through Ctrl+F12) to the individual color categories.
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