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You can apply color categories to a selected item or items by using any of these methods:
In any mail or contact folder, click the Categorize button in the Tags group on the
Home tab, and then in the list, click the category you want.
In any calendar, click the Categorize button in the Tags group on the tool tab (such
as Appointment or Meeting ) that appears for the selected item, and then click the
category you want.
In any message list, click the blank block in the Categories column to assign the
Quick Click category.
In any folder, right-click an item or a selection of items, point to Categorize , and then
click the category you want.
You can assign an unlimited number of categories to a message, but only the three most
recently assigned appear in the message list. The colors representing all the assigned
categories appear in the Reading Pane.
To quickly view the items assigned to a specific category, you can group items by category
or include the category in a search. In a list view of any module, you can sort and filter by
category. On the To-Do Bar, you can arrange lagged messages and tasks by category.
TIP You can instruct Outlook to automatically assign a category to an incoming message
that meets specific criteria by creating a rule. For more information, see “Creating rules to
process messages” in Chapter 12, “Manage email settings.”
In this exercise, you’ll change the name and color of an existing category, assign a shortcut
key to a category, and create categories. Then you’ll categorize a message, and experiment
with organizing your Inbox contents by using categories.
SET UP You need the SBS series of messages you created in Chapter 3. If you have not
already created these messages, you can do so now, or you can substitute any messages
in your Inbox. Display your Inbox, and then follow the steps.
In the message list, click the SBS Tradeshow Schedule message.
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