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In the Color Categories dialog box, with the Blue Category name (not its check box)
selected, click the Rename button, enter Management , and then press Enter (don’t
click OK) to change the category name. (If you have already renamed the standard
categories, you can either create or rename a different category.)
TIP The category order doesn’t immediately change, but the next time you display
the categories in a list or dialog box, they will be in alphabetical order.
With the Management category still selected, click the Color arrow, and then in the
lower-right corner of the color palette, click the Dark Maroon swatch to change
the color associated with the Management category.
Select the Orange Category name, and then repeat step 4 to change the category
name to Travel Required .
In the Color Categories dialog box, click the New button to open the Add New
Category dialog box.
In the Name box, enter Marketing . In the color palette, click the Dark Green swatch.
Then click the Shortcut Key list to display the keyboard shortcuts reserved for color
Assign keyboard shortcuts to categories that you use frequently, to save time.
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