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In the Shortcut Key list, click Ctrl+F2 . Then in the Add New Category dialog box,
click OK to add the new category to the list of color categories. Notice that its
check box is selected, indicating that it has been assigned to the currently selected
In the Color Categories dialog box, click the Green Category name (not its check
box), click Delete , and then in the Microsoft Outlook dialog box confirming that you
want to delete the category, click Yes .
KEYBOARD SHORTCUT Press Alt+D to delete the selected category from the Color
Categories dialog box.
In the Color Categories dialog box, click OK to assign the new Marketing category
to the SBS Tradeshow Schedule message. A dark green category block appears
in the message header, and the associated category bar appears at the top of the
message in the Reading Pane .
Right-click the SBS Tradeshow Schedule message header, click Categorize , and then
click Travel Required to assign a second category to the message. Notice that the
Categorize menu displays the current color category options in alphabetical order.
In the message list, click the SBS First Draft message, and then press Ctrl+F2 to
assign the Marketing category to the selected message.
Click either of the SBS First Draft response messages. On the Home tab, in the Tags
group, click the Categorize button and then, in the list, click Management to assign
the Management category to the selected message.
TIP If you have Conversation view turned on, the conversation header displays the
two color category blocks assigned to the individual messages in the conversation.
On the View tab, in the Arrangement group, click Arranged By , and then click
Categories to arrange the messages by category, beginning with the uncategorized
messages ( None ), followed by the categorized messages in alphabetical order by
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