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On the Move menu, click SBS Messages to move the selected message from the
Inbox to the SBS Messages folder.
Right-click the FW: SBS First Draft message, click Move , and then click SBS Messages
to remove the conversation from the Inbox .
TIP When Conversation view is turned on, moving the last message of a conversation
from a folder removes the conversation from that folder.
In the Folder Pane , click the SBS Messages folder to display its contents.
Click or right-click the message list header, click Show as Conversations , and then
click This Folder to arrange only these messages as a conversation.
CLEAN UP Retain the SBS Messages folder and its contents for use in later exercises.
Managing messages by using Quick Steps
Outlook 2013 includes many features designed to increase the efficiency with which you
perform tasks. With the Quick Steps feature available in the Mail module, you can perform
multiple processes on one or more email messages with only one click. For example, you
can reply to an email message and delete the original message, or you can lag a message
for follow-up and move it to a specific folder.
Quick Steps are available from the Quick Steps group on the Home tab of the Mail module,
and from the shortcut menu that appears when you right-click a message or group of
Outlook provides standard Quick Steps that perform common functions.
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