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Quickly locating messages
The Outlook Search feature is based on the search technology that is built into the Windows
operating system. Using the Windows Search technology, you can find any file on your
computer that contains a specified search term—whether in a file or folder name; in
document or workbook content; in an email message within Outlook; in a message attachment;
in a picture, music, or video file; or other types of content. (As a matter of fact, if you prefer
to do so, you can conduct all of your Outlook searches from the Windows Start menu.)
You can use the Search feature to locate specific terms in any Outlook item. Although you
can search for items in the Calendar, People, Tasks, and Notes modules, you most often use
it to locate messages in your Inbox and other mail folders. The Search feature can locate
search terms in a message or in a file attached to a message. As you enter a search term
in the Search box located at the top of the content area in any module, Outlook filters the
items to show only those items in the module that contain the search term and highlights
the search term in the list of results.
Outlook first displays up to 30 “recent results.” Clicking the More link at the bottom of the
list or the Include Older Results button in the Results group on the Search tool tab displays
additional results within the selected search scope.
You can narrow the results by expanding the search term or by specifying other search
criteria, such as the sender, the recipient (whether the message was addressed or only copied
to you), a category assigned to the item, or whether the message contains attachments.
The Search tool tab appears when you activate the Search box in any Outlook module. You
can enter search terms into the Search box and refine your search by using the commands
on the Search tool tab.
The Search tool tab appears when you click in a Search box or filter the contents of a folder.
When searching any folder, you can use the commands on the Search tool tab to set the
scope of the search and to more closely define the search specifications. You can also
return to the results of previous searches.
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