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The buttons available in the Scope and Refine groups vary based on the type of folder
you’re searching. The Scope group always offers the options of the current folder, all
subfolders, all folders of the current type, and all Outlook items. The commands in the Refine
group change to reflect common properties of items stored in the current folder type. The
most common properties are shown as buttons in the Refine group; additional properties
are available for selection from the More list.
You can search for an item based on any property.
When you click a button in the Refine group or a property in the More list, that property
appears in the Search box with a placeholder for you to specify the value you’re looking for.
As you define the criteria for a search, Outlook filters out all messages that don’t match, which
makes it easier to find what you’re looking for. And here’s the neat thing: Outlook searches
not only the content of the email message header and the message itself, but also the
content of message attachments. So if the search term you’re looking for is in a Microsoft Word
document attached to a message, the message is included in the search results.
TIP If your organization uses public folders (a feature of Exchange) you can use these same
tools to search a public folder, but the content isn’t filtered instantly; you must press Enter
or click the Search button to get the same results as you would in a standard account folder.
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