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In this exercise, you’ll configure Outlook to automatically connect to an Exchange Server
account, and you’ll manually configure the account settings.
TIP Although we demonstrate connecting to an Exchange account, the basic process is the
same to connect to another type of email server. To connect to a POP or IMAP account,
you should first read the topic “Connecting to Internet email accounts” in “Troubleshooting
connection problems” later in this chapter.
SET UP You don’t need any practice files to complete this exercise. You need your
email account user name and password. If you are connecting to a POP account, an IMAP
account, or an Exchange account that is hosted by an external service provider, you
might also need to know the names and authentication requirements of your incoming
and outgoing servers. These will be available from your email service provider.
Start Outlook by using one of the following methods:
On a computer that runs Windows 8, display the Start screen, enter Outlook , and
then click the Microsoft Outlook 2013 icon.
On a computer that runs Windows 7, click the Start button, click All Programs ,
click Microsoft Office , and then click Microsoft Outlook 2013 .
TIP If the Email link at the top of the Start menu specifies Microsoft Outlook as
your default email program, you can click that link instead.
The next step depends on whether Outlook is already configured.
If Outlook has not yet been configured, the Microsoft Outlook Account Setup
wizard begins. On the Welcome page, and again on the Add an Email Account
page, click Next to display the Auto Account Setup page of the Add Account
TIP To configure an Outlook profile without connecting to an email account,
start the program, click Next on the Welcome page, click No and then Next on
the Add An Email Account page, select the Use Outlook Without An Email
Account check box, and then click Finish.
If an Outlook profile has already been configured, the program starts. Manually
start the account configuration process by clicking the File tab at the left end of
the ribbon to display the Info page of the Backstage view, and then clicking Add
Account to display the Auto Account Setup page of the Add Account wizard.
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