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In this exercise, you’ll use the Search feature to locate a specific message in your Inbox.
SET UP Use the series of messages and the SBS Messages folder you worked with
earlier in this chapter. If you didn’t create those practice files, you can do so at this time or
substitute messages and a folder of your own. Display your Inbox and the Reading Pane,
and then follow the steps.
In the Search box at the top of the message list, enter the . As you enter the text, the
Search tool tab appears on the ribbon, and options for reining your search appear
below the Search box.
KEYBOARD SHORTCUT Press F3 or Ctrl+E to move the cursor to the Search box.
Selecting an option other than Keyword enters the alternative
search criterion (and term) in the Search box.
Outlook filters the messages in your Inbox to include only those that contain the
word the , and highlights all occurrences of the word in the message list and in the
active message.
Initial search results include only messages contained in the Inbox folder and not in any of its
subfolders or any other mailbox folders.
In the lower-left corner of the program window, the status bar displays the number
of messages included in the search results.
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