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On the Search tab, in the Refine group, click the Subject button to add the subject
criterion to the Search box and prompt you to enter keywords that should appear in
the Subject field of all search results.
You replace the placeholder with the words you want to find in the subject field.
With keywords highlighted, enter SBS to instantly update the search results to
display only the messages in your Inbox that contain the word the and have SBS
somewhere in the Subject field.
If you’ve followed along with all the exercises in this chapter, it’s likely that the current search
returns no results.
On the Search tab, in the Scope group, click the All Mailboxes button to display all
the sent, received, and copied messages created in previous exercises.
KEYBOARD SHORTCUT Press Ctrl+Alt+Z to expand a search to include subfolders.
Press Ctrl+Alt+A to expand a search to include all items of the current type.
In the message list header, click By Date , and then click Folder to identify the search
results by location.
In the Options group, click the Recent Searches button so you can view your recent
searches and use the same search again at another time.
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