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Clicking a previous set of search criteria reruns that search against your current items.
Experiment with locating information by specifying criteria. When you finish, click
the Close Search button to remove the filter and redisplay the Inbox message list.
KEYBOARD SHORTCUT Press Esc to clear the search results.
CLEAN UP Retain the SBS Messages folder and its contents for use in later exercises.
Printing messages
Although electronic communications certainly have less environmental impact than
paperbased communications, you might at times want or need to print an email message—for
example, if you want to take a hard copy of it to a meeting for reference, or if you keep a
physical file of important messages or complimentary feedback. You can print the message
exactly as it appears in your Inbox or embellish it with page headers and footers. Outlook
prints the message as shown on the screen, including font and paragraph formats.
In this exercise, you’ll preview a message as it will appear when printed, add a page header,
and then print the message.
IMPORTANT To fully complete this exercise, you must have a printer installed. If you don’t have
a printer installed, you can perform all steps of the exercise other than printing.
SET UP You need the SBS Tradeshow Schedule message you worked with earlier in this
chapter. If you did not create that message, you can do so now, or you can substitute any
message in your Inbox. Open the SBS Tradeshow Schedule message, and then follow the
In the message window, display the Print page of the Backstage view.
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