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The Print page displays a preview of the message as it will be printed with the current settings.
The right pane displays the message as it will appear when printed, if you click the
Print button without changing the settings shown in the center pane. If necessary,
you can adjust the following settings:
Printer Select an installed printer or add a new one.
Print Options Change the default printing options in the Print dialog box before
printing. You can also change an existing print style (the way the message is
presented on the printed page) or create a new one.
Settings Choose from the existing print styles available for the selected message
or other Outlook item. The default print style is Memo style, which prints your
name, the message header information, and then the message content.
Click the Print Options button to open the Print dialog box and display your default
printer settings, which you can change before printing. Clicking OK prints the
message with the current settings.
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