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In addition to choosing the paper size, you can select the number of pages that will
be printed on each sheet of paper, and set the page margins and the orientation.
Click the Header/Footer tab.
In the Header area, enter For Your Information in the center box, and then click
the Font button above the box. In the Font dialog box, in the Size area, click 16 ,
and then click OK . The text you entered doesn’t reflect the font size change, but the
Header box to the left of the Font button indicates the current font selection.
In the Footer section, select the default text (the page number) that appears in the
center box. Then in the AutoTex t box that appears near the bottom of the Page
Setup dialog box, click the User Name button (labeled with a person’s profile) to
print the previously specified text at the top of the page and your name (or user
name, if different) at the bottom.
In the Page Setup dialog box, click OK , and then in the Print dialog box, click Print to
print the message, including your custom header and footer, to the active printer.
CLEAN UP If you don’t want to retain the custom header and footer as part of the
standard message printing template, remove them from the Memo Style. Then close
the SBS Tradeshow Schedule message.
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