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Configuring time zones
When you travel with your portable computer to locations in other time zones, you’ll
probably change the time zone on your computer to match the time zone you’re in. You can do
this from Windows or from Outlook. When you change the time zone, information—such
as the receipt time of email messages and appointment times—changes to match the new
time zone; if you display the clock in the Windows Taskbar notification area, the time shown
there also changes.
To change the time zone of your computer from Outlook:
Display the Calendar page of the Outlook Options dialog box.
In the Time zones area, in the first Time zone list, click the time zone you want.
Then click OK to close the dialog box.
When you prepare to travel, or if you schedule meetings involving participants in different
time zones, you might want to configure Outlook to display two time zones in your calendar.
Outlook then displays the two time zones in Day view, Work Week view, and Week view.
You might label a time zone with a city name or time
zone name; use whatever is most meaningful to you.
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