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In the Mail module, calendars are shown in the expanded Folder List. You display a
calendar in the Calendar module by clicking it in the Folder List.
Available calendars in the Folder List of the Mail module.
You can display calendars individually, or you can display more than one calendar at a time.
For example, you might have separate business and personal calendars and want to view
them together. You can view multiple calendars next to each other, or you can overlay them
to display a composite view of the separate calendars. When you view and scroll through
multiple calendars, they all display the same date or time period.
You can copy items from one time, date, or calendar to another, by holding down the Ctrl
key and dragging the original item to the location to which you want to copy it.
SEE ALSO For information about Internet calendars, see “Connecting to Internet calendars”
later in this section. For information about connecting to SharePoint calendars, see “Work-
ing with SharePoint site content” in Chapter 13, “Work remotely.”
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