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Displaying a co-worker’s calendar
Co-workers within an organization that uses Exchange can share full or partial details of
their calendars with each other. Even if they don’t, you can display a co-worker’s availability
by opening his or her calendar in Outlook. The default settings permit co-workers to view
the time and availability (such as Busy or Out Of Office) of appointments and meetings
for other members of their Exchange organization. This information, which is also used by
the Scheduling Assistant, permits you to locate times that are suitable for meeting with
SEE ALSO For information about sharing your calendar with co-workers and requesting that
they share theirs with you, see “Sharing calendar information” later in this chapter.
To display a co-worker’s calendar in your Outlook Calendar module, follow these steps:
In the Calendar module, on the Home tab, in the Manage Calendars group, click
Open Calendar , and then click From Address Book .
In the Select Name dialog box displaying your organization’s Global Address List
(GAL), locate the person whose calendar you want to display. Double-click his or her
name to insert it in the Calendar box, and then click OK .
The calendar appears in the Calendar module content area and in the list of Shared
Calendars in the Folder Pane (even though its owner hasn’t officially shared it with you). If
you close the calendar, it remains in the Shared Calendars list so you can easily redisplay it.
Connecting to Internet calendars
A variety of specialized calendars, such as those that track professional sports schedules,
holidays, entertainment, and scientific data, are available online. (For example, your local
school district or sports team might offer an Internet calendar on its website that you can
import or subscribe to.)
Internet calendars are files that have the extension .ics. You can locate Internet calendars by
searching from a web browser, by locating links on the websites of specific organizations, or
by visiting a calendar-sharing website such as iCalShare (located at ).
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