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You can work with an Internet calendar in one of two ways:
Subscribe to the calendar You receive updates from the calendar publisher as they
occur, but you can’t change the calendar data.
Import the calendar You can interact with a local copy of the calendar in Outlook.
You can change the calendar data, but you won’t receive any updates provided by
the calendar publisher.
Most Internet calendars are accompanied by a link or button that you can click to start the
subscription or import process. If the Internet calendar you want to connect to doesn’t
provide a simple method, you can manually connect to it.
To manually import or subscribe to an Internet calendar, follow these steps:
On the Internet, locate the calendar you want to connect to and copy the address of
its .ics file.
Display the Calendar module. On the Home tab, in the Manage Calendars group,
click the Open Calendar button and then, in the list, click From Internet .
In the New Internet Calendar Subscription dialog box, enter the address of the .ics
file, and click OK . Then in the Microsoft Outlook message box that asks whether you
want to add the calendar to Outlook and subscribe to updates, click Ye s to display the
selected Internet calendar and add it to the Other Calendars list in the Folder Pane .
You can display Internet calendars within the Calendar module as you would any other. You
can modify aspects of an Internet calendar in Outlook, such as its location, color, or name,
and you can share it with another person or delete it. You perform these actions by
rightclicking the calendar name in the Folder Pane or its tab in the content area, and then
clicking the applicable command.
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