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In this exercise, you’ll create custom calendars and then view multiple calendars in Side-By-
Side mode, Overlay mode, and Schedule View.
SET UP You need access to multiple calendars to complete this exercise. Display your
calendar in Month view, and then create, import, subscribe to, or share one or more
additional calendars. For best results, display a month on which one or more
appointments, meetings, or events appear on each calendar.
In the Folder Pane , in the My Calendars area, ensure that the check box for your
default calendar (simply titled Calendar ) is selected. Then in the Other Calendars or
Shared Calendars area, select the check box for at least one additional calendar.
TIP Outlook displays a calendar named Calendar for each account to which you
connect. When you connect to multiple accounts, Outlook appends the
associated email address to the calendar name in the Folder Pane so you can
differentiate between them.
By default, Outlook displays the calendars side by side and in different colors.
Notice that in Side-By-Side mode, each calendar tab has a Close button (an X)
near its right edge. The tab of each calendar other than your default calendar
has a View in Overlay Mode button (a left-pointing arrow) near its left edge.
The order of the calendars in the Folder Pane and the content area is the same; your default
calendar always appears first.
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