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get-together and needs to know what days and times you’re free this week, you can send
her your free/busy information for the week.
If you need to distribute calendar information to many people outside of your organization,
you can publish it to a website and then give specific people permission to view it.
The process for publishing calendar information externally is similar for both methods.
In this exercise, you’ll embed information about your schedule in an email message.
SET UP You don’t need any practice files to complete this exercise. Display your
default calendar in any view, and then follow the steps.
On the Home tab, in the Share group, click the E-mail Calendar button to open a
new message window and the Send a Calendar via E-mail dialog box.
In the Advanced area of the dialog box, click the Show button to display additional
sharing options. These options are available only when you choose to share limited or
full calendar details.
If you have multiple calendars in Outlook, you can choose the calendar
from which you want to send information in the Calendar list.
In the Date Range list, click Next 7 days . Notice that the date range below the list
changes to match your selection.
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