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You can display a traditional calendar view of your schedule by the day, work week,
full week, or month. You can also display multiple list views of calendar items.
You can display multiple time zones, change your calendar as you travel between
time zones, and schedule appointments or meetings that start and end in different
time zones.
You can import or subscribe to many types of calendars available from the Internet.
Calendars that you subscribe to are automatically updated as new information is
made available by the calendar publisher.
You can view two or more calendars next to each other or as a composite. Outlook
displays each calendar in a different color, so you can easily tell them apart.
You can display multiple calendars in a horizontal view so that you can more easily
compare schedules by scrolling through the calendars.
You can share entire calendars or selected calendar information with people inside
or outside of your organization.
You can print selected schedule information in a number of different layout styles.
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