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Manage contact records
Create address books.
Import and export contact records.
Create contact groups.
Quickly locate contact information.
Personalize electronic business cards.
If you regularly save contact information for business and personal contacts in Microsoft
Outlook, you will quickly accumulate a large collection of contact records. Being able to
organize and quickly locate specific contact information is important for efficient
communications. The more people you deal with on a daily basis, the more important it is to keep your
contact list organized. You can simplify communications with specific groups of people by
creating contact groups to which you can address messages as you would an individual
contact. You can also create purpose-specific address books and organize contact records within
the address books to make it easier to locate specific contact records. You can add contact
records to a custom address book either by moving contact records that are already stored
in Outlook, or by importing contact records from another program or file.
The Search feature of Outlook 2013 makes it easy to find a specific contact record based
on any text within the contact record or any attribute, such as a color category that you
assign to it. Within each contact record, you can make preferred contact information easily
discoverable by displaying it on the electronic business card version of the contact record.
You can also display images, such as photographs or corporate logos on business cards, to
provide additional information when you view contacts in the default Business Card view.
In this chapter, you’ll first organize the contact records associated with this topic into an
individual address book. You’ll import a fresh set of contact records into the custom address
book, and then export a subset of the records. Then you’ll create a contact group and send
a message to a subset of the group. You’ll locate specific contact records by using the Search
feature and the commands available on the new Search tool tab. Finally, you’ll personalize
the content of an electronic business card.
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