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In this exercise, you’ll create an address book and move existing contact records into it.
SET UP You need the contact records you created in Chapter 4 to complete this
exercise. If you didn’t create those contact records, you may do so now or substitute any
contact records of your own. Display the People module, and then follow the steps.
On the Folder tab, in the New group, click the New Folder button to open the
Create New Folder dialog box.
Because you are creating this folder from within the People module, Contact Items is selected
by default. However, you can create any type of folder from within any module.
In the Name box, enter SBS Contacts .
TIP The name of this folder begins with SBS so that you can easily differentiate it
from other folders in your mailbox.
In the Select where to place the folder list, click your account name (or Mailbox ,
depending on your account configuration) to place the new folder at the same level
in the Folder List structure as your default module folders.
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