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In the Folder Pane , click the SBS Contacts folder to display the currently empty
address book. Although the Folder List still appears in the Folder Pane , the ribbon
displays the groups appropriate to an address book.
On the Navigation Bar , click the People button to display the usual People module
Folder Pane , which provides easy access to your address books.
The same features available within your main address book, such as
the contact index, are available within this custom address book.
In the My Contacts list, click Contacts to display your default address book, which
currently contains the five contact records you created in Chapter 4.
In the contact list, click the Jill Frank contact record once to select it.
Drag the selected contact record from the contact list to the SBS Contacts address
book in the Folder Pane . The record disappears from the contact list.
TIP To copy rather than move a contact record, right-click and drag the contact
record to the destination address book and then, when you release the mouse
button, click Copy on the shortcut menu.
In the contact list, if the Dean Halstead contact record is not already selected, click it
once to select it.
On the Home tab, in the Actions group, display the Move list.
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