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Importing and exporting contact records
In addition to copying and moving contact records between address books within your
Outlook configuration, you can import contact records into an existing address book from
external files and programs. Outlook accepts data imported from non–application specific
files, files created in other Microsoft programs, and files created in third-party programs.
You can import data into Outlook from data files created in Outlook (.pst files) or from
plain-text files that contain field values separated by commas (.csv files). Similarly, you can
export contact records from Outlook for import into Outlook or another program.
TIP In previous versions of Outlook, you could directly import content from many other
sources. To import content stored in another source program, export it from that program
to a .csv file and then import the .csv file. To import a file that contains contact records into
a separate address book, first create the address book, and then import the file.
In this exercise, you’ll import contact records from a tab-separated (also referred to as
tabdelimited ) text file into an existing address book. Then you’ll export a selection of records
from the updated address book to a file that other Outlook users can import, and you’ll test
that you successfully exported only the records you wanted.
SET UP You need the SBS Contacts address book you created in the previous exercise,
and the SBSContacts file located in the Chapter09 practice file folder to complete this
exercise. If you didn’t create the address book, you may do so now or substitute any
existing address book. Display the SBS Contacts address book, and then follow the steps.
Display the Open & Export page of the Backstage view.
Opening a file creates a link to the external file; importing adds the data to your Outlook folders.
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