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file to named fields in Outlook. You might need this functionality when you import
content from a file that was not originally created in Outlook.
If the structure of the imported records is different from the Outlook contact record structure,
you can match incoming data fields to Outlook data fields before you import the content.
Scroll down the From list and note the fields that are present in the source file. Then
in the area below the From list, click Next to display in the Map Custom Fields dialog
box the first record in the source file.
In the To list, click the Expand button to the left of Name to display all the name
fields. The Mapped From column displays the value from the current source record
that maps to each of the Outlook fields.
TIP While testing this functionality, Outlook sometimes displayed the mapping
results incorrectly, although the import process worked correctly. We hope that
this issue will be resolved in a future software update.
Click Next a few times to view additional records, and scroll the To list to review the
way the records map to the Outlook fields. Then click OK to close the Map Custom
Fields dialog box.
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