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In the In list, click company field only . Then in the Filter dialog box, click OK .
In the Export Outlook Data File wizard, click Next .
The default settings for the export process save the exported file as backup.pst in a
subfolder of your user profile named Outlook Files . Instead, we will save the file in the
practice file folder.
To the right of the Save exported file as box, click the Browse button. In the Open
Outlook Data Files dialog box, navigate to the Chapter09 practice file folder. In the
File name box, enter NorthwindContacts . Then click OK .
You can export items to a new or existing .pst file.
On the wizard’s last page, click Finish . Before exporting the records, Outlook gives
you the options to password-protect the file.
You can keep the contents of an Outlook data file
confidential by assigning a password to the file.
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