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In a message header, the contact group name is bold and is preceded by an Expand button.
In the Expand List message box, click OK to replace the contact group name with
the individual names or display names of its members. You can remove any group
member from the address box before sending the message.
When you expand the contact group, the names of the group members replace the contact
group name.
TIP If your organization uses a version of Exchange Server that supports MailTips, the
individual message recipient names change to a green font, and a MailTip appears
above the To box in the message header, notifying you that the message is addressed
to recipients outside of your organization. MailTips are a feature of Exchange Server
that displays information in email messages based on centrally stored information
about the organization and its individual members.
Close the message window without saving or sending the message. (The message
recipient addresses are fictitious.)
CLEAN UP Retain the SBS Project Team contact group and the Delphine Ribaute, Max
Stevens, and Sara Davis contact records for use in later exercises.
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