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Quickly locating contact information
You can use the Search feature in any Outlook module to immediately find a specific
Outlook item within the current folder, an item of the same type in any folder, or an item
of any type in any folder. Finding an item that contains, for example, a specific word is as
simple as entering that word in the Search box at the top of the content area. When you
position the cursor in the Search box, the Search tool tab appears on the ribbon. You can
refine your search criteria or expand your search to include additional locations by using
the commands available on the Search tab.
In this exercise, you’ll locate specific contact records, and work with the contact records
from the search results.
SET UP You need the contact records you imported into the SBS Contacts address
book earlier in this chapter, and the Delphine Ribaute, Max Stevens, and Sara Davis
contact records you created in the previous exercise. If you didn’t create those contact
records, you may do so now or substitute contact records of your own. Display the SBS
Contacts address book in Card view, and then follow the steps.
At the top of the contact list, click to position the cursor in the Search box, and
activate the Search tool tab on the ribbon.
KEYBOARD SHORTCUT Press Ctrl+E to position the cursor in the Search box of the
current module.
Filters on the People module Search tool tab are specific to information stored in contact records.
In the Search box, enter sa . Notice that as you enter the letters, Outlook filters the
list to display only those contact records that contain the letters you’ve entered, and
highlights the matches in the contact records. This highlighting appears in any view
other than Business Card view.
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