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TROUBLESHOOTING If Outlook doesn’t automatically filter the contact records, press
Enter or click the Search button after you enter the search term.
Outlook locates the letters at the beginning of any word.
In the Search box, replace sa with steve . As you type, Outlook filters the records in
the SBS Contacts address book to locate Steve Masters .
Let’s focus our search on Mr. Stevens, who is a member of the SBS Project Team
contact group.
On the Search tool tab, in the Scope group, click the All Contact Items button. The
search results expand to display contact information for Steve Masters and Max
Stevens , in addition to any other contacts that meet the criteria. Because we’re no
longer working specifically in the SBS Contacts address book, the view changes to
the default People view.
In the contact list, click Max Stevens to preview his information.
Next let’s locate a co-worker of Mr. Stevens.
TIP You can quickly repeat previous searches by clicking in the Search box to display
the Search tool tab, clicking the Recent Searches button in the Options group of the
Search tab, and then clicking the criteria of the previous search you want to repeat.
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