Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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On the tabs of the Microsoft Exchange dialog box, enter any additional connection
information provided to you by your email server administrator, and then click OK .
On the Server Settings page of the Add Account wizard, click Next . Then on the
wizard’s final page, click Finish . The E-mail page of the Account Settings dialog box
might appear and display the new email account.
You can manage Outlook settings for all the email accounts, RSS feeds, SharePoint lists,
calendars, and address books you connect to from the Account Settings window.
If the Account Settings dialog box opens, close it to display the Outlook program
While Outlook finishes configuring the connection to your account, a notice appears
in the lower-right corner of the screen. After it connects to your account, any
messages that you have appear in your Inbox.
TIP Outlook might prompt you to select update settings. Options include Use
Recommended Settings, Install Updates Only, and Ask Me Later. The recommended
settings install updates and connect your Office installation to a customer feedback
program that permits Microsoft to gather data about typical usage. Your
participation in the program is entirely anonymous and does not give Microsoft access to
your personal information or to the contents of messages or of files stored on your
CLEAN UP You’re now ready to begin using your email account!
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