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In the Refine group, click the More button and then, in the list, click E-mail to display
an E-mail box in the Search pane.
In the E-mail box, enter wideworldimporters to enter the corresponding search
criterion in the Search box. Your search still yields no matching contact records
because Outlook creates contact records in your default address book when adding
people by email address to a contact group; you are currently searching the SBS
Contacts address book.
On the Search tab, in the Scope group, click the All Contact Items button to locate
the three contact records you created in the previous exercise. In the Reading Pane ,
the source is specified as your Contacts address book.
Email address is one of the criteria by which you can conduct a search.
In the contact list, click any one of the three contact records, and then press Ctrl+A
to select all three. Drag the selected contact records from the contact list to the SBS
Contacts address book in the Folder Pane .
In the Folder Pane , click the Contacts address book and verify that the three contact
records are no longer there.
Click the SBS Contacts address book. On the Home tab, in the Current View gallery,
click the List thumbnail. Confirm that the contact records for Sara Davis , Delphine
Ribaute , and Max Stevens are now stored in this address book with the other contact
records and the contact group that you have created while working through this topic.
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