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The final contents of the SBS Contacts address book.
CLEAN UP Click in the Search box to activate the Search pane, and then click the
Remove button to the right of the Email box to remove this field from the pane.
Sending business cards
You can send entire contact records to other Outlook users to add to their address
books or, if you prefer to share only the information shown on the associated business
card, you can send the business card. To send an Outlook business card:
In any view of the address book, click the contact record whose business card you
want to send.
On the Home tab, in the Share group, click the Forward Contact button, and then
click As a Business Card to create a new message that has the business card
attached as a file and displayed in the content area. The contact name is displayed
in the Subject box in the message header.
Address and send the message.
TIP You can include a business card as part or all of your email signature by clicking
the Business Card button while creating or editing a signature. For information about
email signatures, see “Personalizing the appearance of message text” in Chapter 10,
“Enhance message content.”
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