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In the Color dialog box, click OK to apply the new background color to the card
preview. Notice that some of the text on the card might be difficult to read against
the dark background.
With Full Name selected in the Fields list, click the Font Color button at the top of
the Edit area (not the button associated with the Label field). In the Color dialog box,
in the lower-right corner of the Basic colors palette, click the white swatch. Then click
OK . The name on the business card now stands out from the background color.
In the Fields list, click Company , and then change the color of the company name
shown on the business card from black to light yellow (the second swatch in the top
row of the Basic colors palette).
In the Fields list, click Job Title . Then below the Fields list, click Remove to remove
the job title from the business card (but not from the contact record).
In the Fields list, click the first Blank Line entry. Below the Fields list, click the Move
Field Up button five times (pausing between clicks) to position a blank line after the
company name.
In the Fields list, click E-mail . Then click the Move Field Up button two times to
position the email address before the phone numbers.
Use the techniques you learned in this exercise to do the following:
Remove the Business Address field from the business card.
Insert a blank line between the Mobile Phone and Business Home Page fields.
Change the color of the E-mail , Business Phone , and Mobile Phone information
to light gray (the third swatch from the right in the last row) and the Business
Home Page information to light yellow.
After completing these changes, the business card looks very different from the
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