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Troubleshooting connection problems
The automatic account setup feature is very handy, but might not work every time. It is
most successful when connecting to an on-premises Exchange account. When connecting
to a remote Exchange server, to an Exchange account hosted by an external hosting
company, or to a POP or IMAP account, manual configuration steps might be necessary.
Connecting to Exchange accounts
Here are some common error messages and problems you could encounter when you
connect to an Exchange account, and how to address them:
Server certificate does not match site If Outlook encounters security issues
associated with the electronic file (digital certificate) that validates the mail server’s identity
—for example, if the digital certificate does not match the name of your domain—
Outlook notifies you of this problem and lets you choose whether to proceed.
If a Security Alert message box appears, you can click the View Certificate button to
display the digital certificate of the mail server and verify that you know and trust
the company that issued the certificate. If you want, you can install the certificate on
your computer by clicking the Install Certificate button and following the steps in the
Certificate Import wizard.
SEE ALSO For more information about digital certificates, see “Increasing email
security” in Chapter 12, “Manage email settings.”
Encrypted connection not available This message might appear if your Exchange
account is with a hosted service provider. Outlook first tries to establish an encrypted
connection to the server. If this attempt is not successful, Outlook notifies you of this
problem and asks whether you want to try to establish an unencrypted connection.
If you click Next to establish an unencrypted connection, Outlook might inadvertently
configure the connection to your Exchange account as it would a connection to an
IMAP or POP account. This configuration can result in a loss of functionality related
to information, such as appointments and tasks, stored on the Exchange server. The
more likely solution to this issue is to click the Back button, click the Manual Setup
Or Additional Server Types option, click Next, and then manually enter the server and
connection information for your account.
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