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Enhance message
Personalize the appearance of message text.
Insert and modify images.
Create and format business graphics.
Change message settings and delivery options.
Messages composed in and sent from Microsoft Outlook 2013 don’t have to consist only
of plain text. They can contain diagrams and graphics and can be visually enhanced by a
judicious use of colors, fonts, and backgrounds. For more formal messages, you can attach
a signature that includes your contact information, in addition to graphics such as a
photograph or logo.
You can add visual information to a message, contact record, or other Outlook item to
bring it to your attention or to the attention of the recipient. For example, you can
indicate that a message is of high importance or contains confidential information. You can
also set options that notify you when a recipient reads a message or prevents the
recipient from forwarding or printing a message.
In this chapter, you’ll first review formatting techniques, set default fonts for new messages
and message responses, and create an email signature that‘s automatically included in
all new messages. Then you’ll insert and modify pictures, clip art, and shapes, and use
the Screenshot and Screen Clipping tools to capture images of content displayed on your
screen. You’ll create and format graphical representations of business information and data.
Finally, you’ll learn about the message settings and delivery options you can set for
outgoing messages.
PRACTICE FILES To complete the exercises in this chapter, you need the practice file
contained in the Chapter10 practice file folder. For more information, see “Download
the practice files” in this topic’s Introduction.
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