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Personalizing the appearance of
message text
By default, the text content of an Outlook message is shown in black, 11-point Calibri
(a font chosen for its readability), arranged in left-aligned paragraphs on a white
background. You can change the appearance of the text in a message by applying either local
formatting (character or paragraph attributes and styles that you apply directly to text)
or global formatting (a theme or style set that you apply to the entire document) in the
same way that you would when working in a Microsoft Word document or Microsoft
PowerPoint presentation. However, if you have a preferred font or theme for the
messages you compose, you can save your preferences so that Outlook applies it to new
messages you compose and to your message responses.
Configuring message text formatting preferences
You set your default font and theme preferences from the Signatures And Stationery dialog
box, which you open by clicking Stationery And Fonts on the Mail page of the Outlook
Options dialog box. The default settings use a black font for new messages and a blue font
for message responses (replies and forwards).
You select message fonts and control other aspects of message responses on the
Personal Stationery page.
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