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In the Font style box, click Demibold Roman , and in the Size box, click 9 .
Click the Font color arrow and then in the Standard Colors palette, click the third
swatch from the right end ( Blue ). The Preview box reflects your changes.
When you choose a font color, remember that some colors are more
visible on the screen than others.
TIP If you intend to format individual messages by applying themes, you can select
a color from the Theme Colors palette; the color will change to match the theme you
choose in each message.
In the Font dialog box, click OK .
In the Replying or forwarding messages area of the Signatures and Stationery
dialog box, click the Font button. Repeat steps 4 through 7 to set the same default
font for message responses (Lucida Sans, Demibold Roman, 9-point, and Blue).
In this instance, you aren’t differentiating between the color of the font in your new
messages and message responses; you will differentiate between them by including
an email signature only in new messages.
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