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On the Home tab, in the New group, click the New Email button to open a message
composition window. Notice that your email signature is already present in the
content pane, and the word Thanks! is formatted in the font you chose for new
messages: blue, Demibold, 9-point, Lucida Sans.
Click to position the cursor in the blank line at the top of the content pane, and then
enter I love using Outlook! Notice that the message text has the same formatting
as the first line of the signature.
The default font you selected earlier is reflected in the settings in the Basic Text group.
CLEAN UP Close the message window without saving your changes. Reset the New
Messages signature to <none> if you don’t want to use the Casual signature you created
in this exercise, and set the default fonts for new messages and responses to the fonts
you want to use.
TIP If you have more than one email account set up in Outlook, you can configure
different signatures for each account. To do so, click the account in the E-mail Account list, click
the signature you want to use with that account in the New Messages list and in the
Replies/Forwards list, and then click OK.
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