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No matter what the origin of an image, you can change its size and its position in relation
to other content directly in the item window. You can make additional changes to most
types of images from within the message, such as cropping a picture or embellishing it by
applying artistic effects. From the Format tool tab that appears when you select an image,
you can do things like:
Crop or remove background elements from an image.
Sharpen or soften the image content.
Colorize the image and control color saturation and tone.
Apply artistic effects to make an image look as though it’s rendered in pencil, chalk,
marker, or paint, or has a pattern applied to it.
Add shadows, reflections, and glowing or soft edges.
Apply three-dimensional effects.
Certain effects can be applied to only specific types of files. For example, you can apply
artistic effects to a photograph that’s saved in .jpg format (a common format for digital
photos) but not to an illustration that’s saved in .wmf format (a common format for clip art
Inserting shapes
You can insert many types of shapes into the content pane of an Outlook item and format
them to create abstract drawings, banners, and other images. To insert a shape, follow these
On the Insert tab, in the Illustrations group, click the Shapes button.
In the Shapes gallery, click the shape you want to insert.
In the content pane or notes pane, drag to draw the shape at the size you want.
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