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Inserting screen images
You can use the Screenshot and Screen Clipping tools to easily capture images of either an
entire window that’s open on your screen or a specific area of the screen that you select.
To capture and insert a screen image, follow these steps:
Ensure that the window you want to capture is not minimized or, if you plan to
capture only a portion of a window, that it’s visible on the screen. Ensure that nothing but
the Outlook item window into which you want to insert the screen image is on top of
the screen you want to capture.
In the Outlook item window, position the cursor in the content pane or notes pane
where you want the image to appear.
On the Insert tab, in the Illustrations group, click the Screenshot button to display
the Available Windows menu and a gallery of the currently open (non-minimized)
You can capture an image of any open window by clicking it in the Available Windows gallery.
To insert an image of an entire open window into the Outlook item, click its icon in
the Available Windows gallery.
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