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To capture an image of a portion of a visible window, click Screen Clipping . Outlook
minimizes the active Outlook item to the Windows Taskbar so that the content
behind it is visible. White shading covers the screen, and the Screen Clipping tool
(which at this point looks like a large plus sign) appears.
White shading indicates the portion of the desktop that’s not being captured by the Screen
Clipping tool.
Position the Screen Clipping tool in the upper-left corner of the area you want to
capture. Press and hold the mouse button, and then drag to encompass the capture
area to make a window in the shaded area that indicates the intended capture area.
You can change the capture area until you release the mouse button.
TIP You don’t have to be exact with the size of your outline because you can modify
the screen clipping after you insert it into the Outlook item.
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