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TROUBLESHOOTING The graphics in this exercise depict the message window at a
width of 1024 pixels. If your screen width is set to higher than 1024 pixels, more of
the photo will be displayed in the message window. Either change the size of your
message window to match ours or simply follow along with the steps as written and
be aware that your message window will appear different from those shown here.
First we’ll resize the photo to it within the content pane.
TIP The Format tool tab remains available only while the image is selected. If the tab
disappears from the ribbon, simply click the image to redisplay it.
On the Format tool tab, in the Size group, notice that the current image height is 8”
and the width is 10.67” . Click and hold the Shape Height down arrow until the height
is set to 4” , or select 8” , enter 4 (you don’t need to enter the inch mark), and then
press Enter . The shape’s width decreases proportionally with the shape’s height so
that the photo maintains its aspect ratio.
You can change the size of a graphic by setting specific dimensions or by dragging its resizing
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