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Drag the upper-left resizing handle to the left edge of the photo, keeping it just
above the top of the lighthouse. Then drag the lower-right resizing handle to the
lower-right corner of the photo. (It’s okay to drag beyond the edge of the photo.)
Much of the sky is now obscured with purple shading.
Resizing the area selector is one way of controlling the area marked for removal.
On the Background Removal tab, in the Refine group, click the Mark Areas to
Remove button. When you move the cursor back to the photo, it changes from an
arrow to a pencil.
Click the area of sky that remains visible just below the purple shading. After a
moment, a marker appears in the location you clicked, and the purple screen
extends to cover the area defined by your clicks.
Click two more times (or as necessary) to shade the entire sky. (If a click results in an
unintended effect, click the Undo button on the Quick Access Toolbar to remove the
effect, and then try again.) Notice that each click affects the area that is similar to the
marker location.
KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS Press Ctrl+Z to undo the most recent action. Press Ctrl+Y to
repeat the most recent action. For more information about keyboard shortcuts, see
“Keyboard shortcuts” at the end of this topic.
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